Ticket Booking Management

Our online based ticket booking system is allowing customer to book the tickets easily with few steps. It helps you to collect the payments online, to manage the event reservations. It fits to any business in ticket selling to the public.

Online Ticket Selling

If you need to sell tickets of any event or celebration of your business, we have this online ticket selling facility for the selling over the internet. This is a very simple online ticket booking application that integrates to your existing website for ticket selling. This system is equipped with major payment gateways. By having this online facility, It is much more easier for visitors to either purchase tickets , or to reserve event seats online.

Detail Event Management

Admin able to create/edit/remove unlimited events with maps/layouts/location. It can be easily turned the online ticketing system into any online booking fecility to sell the tickets of your movies, operas, concerts and any other events.

Complete Smart Calculations

It is easy to preset the deposit percentage required for reservation and tax rate. The total amount and deposit payment will be calculated automatically. Admin is able to manage the prices and taxes through the backend control panel.

Online Reservation Module

Our system is enhanced with a simple onlne booking process for users to purchase tickets with few clicks. The backend control panel helps admin to manage the booking and availability without any hassle. It also allows admin to edit buyer details, to change the booking status, and to add the booking manually.

Sector-Oriented Tickets

The admin is able to utilize our online ticketing system to mark off the sector and seating areas in the auditorium with different range of prices for the tickets to be sold.

Additional Booking Options

Additional options for booking status are including payment currency, ticket prices, custom thank-you message page after the booking process and etc. Admin is having the flexibility to select the required form fields to be enabled in the online booking form.