Resort Booking Management

It is an online system application that provides the resort companies to be able to manage the aspects of the business in the industry of vacation rental.

Our system is a comprehensive solution that features with reservation tracking, user-friendly interface, complete reporting and etc.

Resort Accomodation Listing

Rentals of resort accomodation are easily to be managed through the online system by site admin. Site admin able to create/update/remove unlimited number listings of resort accomodation rentals to be published for the sake of online visitors.

Users Access Management

System administrators are having full access to the system options and settings. System admins are able to manage all the resorts accomodation listings, accomodation features, user management, and additional system settings. Resort admins able to create user accounts under the resort for creating and updating their own listings.

Resort Reservation Management

Online visitors are allowed to send in the reservation requests to the resort admins for the accomodation. Admins are easily to create and edit the reservation details, change the booking status throught the user-friendly online form.

Room Availability Calendar

A built-in room availability calendar is showed for each accomodation rental with the room details. It is a very useful function to show the available and reserved dates on the resort accomodation rental. This availability calendar will be updated automatically once a new reservation order is confirmed or cancelled in the system

Variable Price Schemes

Resort admins are able to create and edit variable prices for a specific dates or periods according to the seasons. The prices can be changed at anytime through the backend control panel. Updated prices will always be shown on the room details page for visitors.

Resort Image Gallery

A lightbox image gallery is integrated to the frontend on the details page for the browsing of the online visitors. Unlimited images are able to be added on to the online image gallery. Resort admins are able to switch the images to be hidden or showed on the page, without removing from the server.