Hotel Booking Software

Our online booking system is able to be used by any business that offers accommodation services, including hotels and motels.

This is a fully functional online booking system to help your customers to book the rooms online in real time easily.

As the administrator of the system, you can easily manage the rates and booking options for each room type.

Various reports and order receipts will be provided either to the administrator or the online customers.

Online Room Booking

Our hotel reservation management system is the best tool to be integrated with your accomodation business such as motels or hotels, in order to provide the online room booking facility to your customers. It is a web based operation running for 24/7 that accepts room bookings online, with the capability to receive payments from the customer of confirmed orders. We have made it a very simple process for online reservation that customers are able to return through steps for correcting the filled information.

Reservation Management

The built-in room reservation module is providing internal facilities for site administrator to handle booking details, create booking, and edit reservation details. Site admin able to notify customers through the control panel.

Room Management

A room mangement module is integrated to the administrator panel for site admin to create unlimited room types with number of occupants, to add or edit room description, to upload the room photos for each toom types.

Rate Management

Allow site admin to manage the rates of each room type easily and flexibly. Rates can be defined on the number of occupants to share a room. Base rates to be used for each room in per night basis. Rates also can be set up for each day of the week. Promotional or seasonal rates to be allocated with a certain period in days/weeks/months.

Discounts Management

This dedicated discounting module allows site admin to create a special discount that apply to room rates or promotions with the offer of discounted percentage or free-stay night.

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User Roles Management

Site admin able to create unlimited user accounts and assign them as the role of editors by restricting their level of access to the system. The role of editors is granted only to manage the booking reservations without the rights to enter the area of options and settings.

Online Payments Available

The widely accepted payment method Paypal has been integrated to our restaurant system that to allowing your business to process for online transactions. The system also allows you to collect the details of the credit card in order to go for offline payment processing / cash payments.

Photo Gallery Management

Our hotel reservation system includes the online facility of image editing and controlling tools. As the site admin, you are able to resize, crop, compress the images or even adding the watermark on the images by using our system.

Promotion Management

The hotel reservation system is providing a voucher modules for the site admin to manage the promotions and discounts issues. It enables site admin who has the highest level of access to add the fixed or percentage discounts for different periods of time during a year.

Reports Management

Various reports are to be generated for the analysis of your accomodation business. Analytic data inclusive of the number of room bookings, reserved rooms, booking cancellations, stayed-in customers and etc.